S | K



"We shape our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings shape us." - Winston Churchill


Owner and designer Sara Karkenny of STUDIO S | K has spent the last seven years building herself into both a brand and design firm that serves residential and commercial clientele while offering a bespoke range of homewares she has designed with local artisans in California. She lives in a 700sq ft bungalow affectionally known as Karkenny Bungalow with her husband and business partner Steven Karkenny. The two have also built a studio neighboring the small home that serves as a showroom for her designs as well as a creative suite for her clients at CRRNT CREATIVE, a creative consultancy Sara co-founded.  

The 25 year old entrepreneur, designer, and creative director has been featured in media outlets such as LA Times, Vogue Magazine, Rue Magazine, Anthropologie, Architectural Digest, West Elm, and Inspired by This.  She has spent the last two years working alongside artists she has formed relationships with and invested in to bring about custom designs for clients and her own space. Her projects range from homes, studio/office spaces, institutions, and places of hospitality / commercial service. Her firm is rooted in experiential design and interdisciplinary practices. She designs for the sensory experience to create spaces and environments that tell a distinct story, welcoming to both inhabitants and guests.