Mama always said "leave something more beautiful than when you first found it..."

       Hi there, my name is Sara Karkenny, I am a bespoke interior stylist and creative director currently calling Southern California home. With a passion for the unordinary, avant- garde, and timeless design, I have learned that whether you're a home, shop, workspace or hotel, space transcends us to a heighten echelon of scenery elements. I believe space is a vessel that can transport your emotions and visually communicate the people and objects that inhabit them. With deep roots in hospitality, and visual communication, my goal is to make any space, no matter the distinct style, approachable to its guests.  Working with brands and products, I have found that personal narratives are essential in curating meaningful discussions about overall identity systems. 

Interiors- If your walls could tell a story what would they say?  My goal is to translate that story by creating an ambiance worth sharing with others. Having worked with companies such as West Elm, Anthropolgie, Design in Rhythm, Rolling Greens, and many more, I have had the privilege and opportunity to learn and work with some of the best stylists, designers, and creatives for over 6 years.   No matter the size, I hope to help those who want to be inspired by their surroundings, not just live in them. My work reflects the individual personality of my clients, who they are, and how they live.  Every person is different and so should be their space. I strive to make my services an opportunity to use any space as a canvas unique to you, tailored to your imagination, to dwell intentionally and dwell well.

"We shape our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings shape us." - Winston Churchill

Creative direction- Driving by curiosity and a holistic approach to design and styling I have had the opportunity to be a part of a wide variety of projects ranging from product design, product styling, company branding, and visual direction across numerous platforms. 

My goal is to help bring personal narratives to the surface no matter the medium or form it may arrive in whether it be a space or telling a story through products and company culture.


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