Karkenny Bungalow


Welcome to our little bungalow. My husband found our home about two weeks before we said "I do."  Everyone who saw this place begged us not to move in because when we found her she was definitely rough around the edges.  With no laundry, or garage, a previous renter who snuck in nine cats, and only 700sq ft to fit everything into, we were in for a little challenge.  However when we saw what some white paint and plants could do, we decided to make her home for a bit. 

We are 15 minutes from the beach, right next door to our favorite farmers market, coffee shop, and have such an airy outdoor space for summer nights. Although our style as a married couple is very different than this eclectic bungalow and how we furnished it, you work with what you got make the most of those crazy old features (we can't replace or renovate). We got the keys the next day we saw her, sat on the dusty counter-tops with cream sodas in hand, cheering to our new little abode and making the plans to create this cat fur invested hovel to a dreamy little bungalow.  If we can do it, anyone can! Fingers crossed we would love to buy this crazy old spot one day and renovate the ba-gibbies out of it and use it for a Cali air-bib.


Photography Credit: Angelica Marie Photo