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Dear Studio S | K Community, 

We are so grateful for each one of you that continues to invest in our pieces, in our local artisans, and in our founder, Sara Karkenny. We are so excited to announce that starting February 2019 a portion of all proceeds / revenues from both STUDIO S | K's product line and our interior firm will be donating to a couple projects around the world that are so near and dear to our hearts. We hope to continue to build this list as the years go on. 

We have been SO blessed by you, and our studio family, mentors, and clients, that we cannot think of a better way then to extend that blessing to people around the world.  We believe in well made goods, we believe in immersive, intentional environments, and as you've supported us in our journey, we want to support others in theirs. 

Our hope is that as you live and grow with a Studio S | K piece in your home, offices, studios, or if you've had a space designed by our firm, that you will know that you had an impact on one of these amazing organizations below. 

We are so excited to extend our hand in helping others across the world.

Thank you for being here and for being part of our community.

With light + love,

S | K 


Wheels for the World / Joni and Friends - Providing the gift of mobility to disabled persons who are in need of wheelchairs around the world 

Downtown Women's Center - Focused exclusively on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women. Their mission is to end homelessness for women in greater Los Angeles through housing, wellness, employment, and advocacy.

Heart of Purpose - Providing monthly care and construction of a special needs orphanage in Haiti. 

Hands of Mercy - Building homes in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico for those that are currently living with billboard signs, scrap material as shelter.