Interior Styling


Whatever your need is we are here to help wether you are trying to sell your space or live in it. Here is a breakdown of some of the separate categories we tackle, but feel free to inquire with the contact page of your specific situation and needs.  Please inquire all pricing for services through contact page.  

0 ---- 1 Mood Board : We bring your visual concepts to life.  Everyone needs something to imagine and connect with and with this service we can better help you imagine what your space look like.  Whether or not you hire us for a full design, this service gets you thinking how you can dream up the little details.  We start out with inspiration and then begin to edit to your liking.  By the end of a few rounds of back and forth we will have your space outlined to a T. 

0 ---- 2 Space Lift:  Don't want to purchase anything new, but want a little refresh on existing pieces?  We can help you give a little "face lift" or as we like to call it "Space lift".  This service allows you save money on new product and still feel like your home got a spa day by rearranging layout of furniture and decorative accessories feeling all sorts of newish.

0 ---- 3 Product Procurement: Just need some help finding the right furnishings for your foundation pieces, couches, rugs, chairs etc?  Our product lists are for you.  We give you insight on those fundamental stationary pieces that your are looking for.

0 ---- 4 Staging : Whether you're a restaurant, coffee shop, office space, home or hotel, or even in need of photoshoot staging, we source and stage all the extra layers to make your space look well lived and loved.  We do all your errands so you don't have to and place products where they need to go to create the biggest impact visually, complimenting any design so your overall composition looks impeccable. 

0 ---- 5 Full Design : From measurements, mood boards, sourcing, staging and all the in-betweens we make sure your space is covered top to bottom in the best materials and silhouettes.  This service includes mood board edits and refinement , unlimited in person and online meetings, product sourcing, on site installation walk throughs, optional customizable furnishings, professional photography of your finished space, and all the procurement to make your space what you hoped it would be and more.  

0---- 6 Seasonal Changes: With this unique service we come into the space and interchange four times throughout the year designing it to go with seasonal changes.  Most hotels benefit from this service however we love coming into residential spaces and sprucing up the area or interchanging product depending on the clients's needs and desires.