We shape our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings shape us

About SK

Designer Sara Karkenny has spent the last decade building herself into both a brand and design firm that services in the arenas of interior design, brand architecture, digital and physical curation and object design.

She launched her design house in 2018 which showcases her work across interdisciplinary practices as well as provides a shop of bespoke wares she has designed and commissioned artisans across California to produce for both local and global clientele. "My governing vision is to design a purposeful sensory experience. Whether that be a physical intimate space that speaks to the unfolding life of a residential client, to reimagine a commercial property for a collective community, a digital landscape for brands, or a piece of functional, tactile art. The process of design and the work I get to do everyday is like creating a symphony; Constructing and orchestrating each space and piece in all its uniqueness to play their part in creating a moment of both grandeur and authenticity impacting the client's overall well-being."

Owner and Designer

Sara Karkenny